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For many transport and logistics companies it can be a constant source of worry not being able to monitor vehicles 24/7, 365 days a year. Especially with a large fleet and many different drivers. This can also create challenges with insurance claims for accidents, hijackings and theft of goods, as well as knowing whether or not the licensed and employed driver is the one operating the vehicle at all times.

With the Trailer Sol Sniper RX camera surveillance system our clients are able to have their vehicles and drivers in their sights whenever they want, at the click of a button!

The Sniper RX offers a full view of the cab interior and the diesel tank enabling clients to observe both driver and fuel safety, as well as the route being driven and a live view of the cargo and unloading zones. Clients have access to a 24 hour replay of any accidents or alleged hijackings the vehicle is involved in,  they can see if the vehicle is being used for anything other than its purpose, and monitor driver negligence or reckless driving. Footage of valuable cargo in transit and during loading and offloading is also available.

With this reliable visual proof prosecution for hijackings or theft is possible and insurance claims and disputes can be easily settled for accidents resulting in vehicle damage or injury. Drivers can be held to account for misconduct and negligence, and their driving skills analysed for advanced driver training.

There are many benefits to a mobile CCTV system over Event Based Recorders. The video is always recording when the vehicle is operational, with the option of a time delay. If there are no triggered events, the system will still record the driver and any passengers, any theft that might take place, non-adherence to red traffic lights, cellphone usage and texting, sleeping on the job, abandonment of the vehicle, and the fuel tanks.

Events are recorded on a separate server and clients are able to see what is happening with their vehicles whenever they like.

monitor cargo with cctv

MDVR (4 x 720p Cameras and 1 IPC)

Reverse Camera

Road and Driver Facing Camera

720P HD Camera

The Sniper RX Includes

MDVR - (4 x 720p Cameras & 1 IPC)

1080p Camera

3G/4G - Optional WiFi

1TB Hard Drive

5 Cameras (Night vision enabled)

All Cabling & Consumables

3G Antenna & GPS Antenna

Panic Alarm Button in Cab