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The Trailer Sol Ranger TX is a tracking unit that assists in pinpointing the exact location of the trailer at any given time. This provides a sense of security for companies and insurers knowing that assets are being properly tracked and monitored at all times.

We are able to custom design solutions that enable telematics systems to be paired with an RF beacon backup and GPS information is then relayed via GSM/GPRS to the TrailerSol tracking centre. The Ranger TX is installed directly into the vehicle and it’s small dimensions make it ideal to hide in a vehicle’s wiring harness and is almost impossible to find. They system continues to function if the tracking system itself is found and removed, immobilising the vehicle.

live tracking

Benefits of the Ranger TX

Accurate tracking of the asset (trailer)
Geofence alert when trailer enters or leaves the DC
Ability to monitor the battery level on the solar power kit
Reduction in downtime associated with the solar power kit
Reduction in lost trailer time, able to locate the trailer accurately
Proactive maintenance can now take place
Monitored at the Trailersol control centre
Simple and quick installation and roll out
Added security to locate and track a trailer in the event of a hijacking
Ability to see the trailer mileage
Web based application, ability to monitor anywhere in the world
Smart phone and tablet friendly
Low monthly cost for server access and monitoring
Small and compact, no external antennas

Innovative Features of the Ranger TX

Early warning trigger in the event of vehicle towing
Battery disconnection / tampering warning
Daily health-checks
Vehicle features (e.g. immobiliser) controllable from tracking centre
Battery backup providing for 24 hours additional tracking
Web view for client to monitor the vehicle’s location and status at any time

Temperature Monitoring Feature of the Ranger TX

Live temperature monitoring
Real time temperature alerts and reporting
Historic reports in graph and CSV formats
Customized user interface
Stand alone wireless temperature sensors
Daily health checks
Live and historic door opening records.

With the Ranger TX all the guess work is taken out of tracking vehicles. Now the client know where their trailers are and where they have been and they can monitor how the Helios FX is performing. This proactive approach to managing the solar power kit reduces down time and “lost trailer” time.