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Installation & Maintenance

Helios FX

The Trailer Sol Helios FX solar powered anti-idle kit does not require consumables to operate, the system should be thoroughly inspected at least twice a year. Helios FX has been fully patented and registered by Trailer Sol, the owner of the Intellectual Property for the design.

During this inspection the following will be checked:

* Security of all one way bolts that secure the panel, deflector plate and solar panel

* Security, cleanliness and condition of the batteries and all terminals

* Condition of solar panel

* General cleaning of the panel

* Charging rate and load conditions of batteries and solar panel output

* Condition and state of the MPPT charger

* All wiring will be checked


Patrol DX:

The system requires consumables to operate in the form of disposable mouth pieces for hygiene purposes. The system needs to be calibrated at least twice a year which is a legal requirement.

During this inspection, the following will be checked:

* Unit will be calibrated to correct spec

* All data will be downloaded and emailed to client

* All wiring will be checked

* All connections and interface will be checked

* Unit will be tested for “Pass and Fail” scenarios


Ranger TX and Sniper RX

Minimal maintenance is required for the Trailer Sol Ranger TX and Sniper RX systems. TrailerSol can provide routine inspections of the systems upon the request of the client, or simultaneously to providing maintenance for Helios or Patrol if installed in the vehicle being inspected.