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The TrailerSol Helios FX is a solar powered anti-idle kit that has been specifically designed for the transport industry.


The TrailerSol Ranger TX is a tracking unit that assists in pinpointing the exact location of the trailer at any given time.


The TrailerSol Patrol DX is on the cutting edge of tethered alcohol breathalyser (TAB) technology, enabling alcohol ignition interlock in vehicles.


With the TrailerSol Sniper RX camera surveillance system our clients are able to have their vehicles and drivers in their sights whenever they want, at the click of a button!

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Who We Are

At Trailer Sol we develop solutions that empower our clients. Our sustainable energy solutions are progressive and focused on the transport industry where the need for renewable energy is great. Our legacy is to save our clients money with high calibre products that produce the best results, while leaving as small and light a footprint on the earth as possible.

We like to stay ahead of the game by always thinking to the future and how we can harness solar energy to benefit industry and commercial endeavours. Making a difference within our community, country and planet is key to our product development and business operations.

What we offer to every client is a comprehensive turnkey solution to their needs. We design custom solutions with personal attention to detail, and we build a relationship with our clients that gives them the security of knowing we care about their success.

Solar Powered Products

All our products are perfectly integrated to work with each other symbiotically providing each client with a total solar power supply solution for vehicle trailers and tail lifts, mobile CCTV surveillance, trailer tracking and monitoring, and alcohol testing of drivers. TrailerSol is committed to patenting all technologies developed under our banner.

We believe that our clients’ success is our success and we achieve this by operating with complete integrity and transparency. We value an excellent work ethic in our team and to this end our products and solutions are always of the highest quality. Our community is important to us and supporting other businesses to meet their goals means that we meet our goals. Our people are what make us great! We nurture each member of staff so that we can get the best results for our clients. Client relationships and satisfaction is our number one priority – how can we help you run your business better using our sustainable energy solutions – this is the question we ask each client regardless of size or need. Every client is important to us.

Our products and energy solutions are tried, tested and developed with expertise and skill. We know what we are about and what works in sustainable energy. TrailerSol solutions are reliable, quality controlled and carry our stamp of pride because we know our clients get the results they want – more efficient use of their equipment through solar energy, better employee accountability through monitoring and supervision, and more effective operations which lead to a stronger, more reputable brand! With TrailerSol you have an ally and a partner in business.
sustainable energy


We are passionate about renewable energy and living a lifestyle that reflects responsible use of the earth’s resources. Our impact on the earth should be light and always made with respect for what we take from her. Clean energy is our goal at TrailerSol, reducing fuel emissions, protecting our planet and leaving a legacy of sustainable energy for the transport industry.

Trailer Sol: a global leader in solar transport solutions! Everything you need in one place – come to TrailerSol and we will power your business and your people!

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